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Detailed Statistics

Typically, members claimed with 2.step 1 (SD = step one.71) relationship couples and you can hooking up just as much as half dozen times (SD = 8.5) previously 90 days. Altogether, 34.8% of youngsters reported having non-safe sex through the a relationship. 0%), impression intimately unhappy (39.0%), be sorry for one to a link went too far (35.3%), and you will shame (35.1%).


A keen EFA given evidence you to definitely research had been sufficiently unidimensional in order to meet the fresh new presumptions of one’s IRT study (RMSEA = .053, RMSR = .09, ? dos (119) = , CFI = .94, proportion of your basic so you can next eigenvalue = 5.5:1). All affairs were surely piled to the single factor (activities loading .thirty-six to help you .83). 1

Goods Match

Defectively fitted factors was got rid of throughout the level predicated on match plots of land and you will adjusted ? 2 /df ratios (Stark, Chernyshenko, & Drasgow, 2005). Modified ? dos /df percentages higher than three having single, twice and you will triplet circumstances had been applicants for deletion (Drasgow, Levine, Tsien, Williams, & Mead, 1995). A single items “You will find noticed distressed you to a relationship didn’t generate me personally have more confidence about myself a day later” is erased based on worst item complement.

Table step one gift suggestions the latest parameter prices and standard errors of the left sixteen facts. Goods slopes (a) ranged from 0.69 to help you 2.84. Continue reading