six. Kuugen Tenko Out of Wagaya zero Oinari-sama

7. Yuzu From Konohana Kitan

The fresh new protagonist away from Konohana Kitan, an innocent and you can enjoying lady whom adores every one of these to the girl together with her absolute center, Yuzu.

She has a shining personality since the regarding good protagonist having the lady unsuspecting character bicupid herziening regarding the functions of one’s urban business. She actually is a young lady with honey dewed brown eyes and you will light blond hair.

The lady pink kimono on pretty nothing flowers is sure to melt your heart. The woman awkward and you may unsuspecting nature lifts the brand new morale of all the people.

This woman is incredibly breathtaking, the girl blue eyes and you can abundant blonde locks and her puffing beautiful system and her black colored-tipped foxy ears are certain to arouse plenty of watchers.

5. Shiro Out-of Sewayaki Kitsune zero Senko-san

From of the greatest Kitsune cartoon, Shiro or even the “gold fox” are a good 900-year-dated gold-haired demigod away from Kitsune Paradise. She has shining vision and you will wears a lengthy white kimono with a good crescent moon with it.

Initially, she actually is pompous into the main character, Kuroto, and you may thinks he are going to be the woman slave however, since anime moves on she gets household members having Kuroto and you will Senko.

cuatro. Zakuro Regarding Otome Youkai Zakuro

Zakuro, the fresh half-demon vixen is the chief protagonist of the titular show, “Otome Youkai Zakuro”. Continue reading