Omg, I’m chuckling now-this post reminds myself of just one of my ex boyfriend’es, who would diving away from relationship to relationships

As he would say “he would constantly opt for the incorrect girls”, even in the event We have found her he previously one to cuatro y relationships within individual, and you can she actually is sweet and you can smart, absolutely nothing to connect with “wrong”

Cheaters was passive aggressive- it let you believe that these include inside the an effective relationsip to you, nodding their direct, agreeing, and to make every best noises, and then they sneakily go ahead and carry out just what they have to do….

Whenever i satisfied your, I experienced very little knowledge of relationships, and so i missed the fresh new red flag, as he requested me to become his sweetheart, though he found myself in several days after the 4 12 months experience of nother lady has ended!

Very first every is actually Ok,however, as time passes We have realized that its just their ex’es that were constantly bad regarding the dating, he says, to possess Gods purpose, simply not your. Continue reading